The Cost of Care

Free and Dignified

The JCRS was intended primarily for the poor, with many patients arriving with limited or even nonexistent financial resources. Providing treatment free of charge for all patients, regardless of circumstance or prognosis for recovery, was a core value of the JCRS. Even though care was free, patients were not treated like charity cases. JCRS staff worked hard to create a dignified, home-like atmosphere for health and healing. 

What means of support have you? .......NONE.......

Top Left:  Responses on JCRS patient admission forms (Source: Beck Archives, University of Denver) 

Medical Bankruptcy

Despite the passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, concerns about the cost of healthcare remain a major social and political concern. In the Denver metro area in 2018, 56% of adults reported struggling to afford healthcare[1]. A recent national study found that a majority of personal bankruptcies in the United States are tied to the financial burdens associated with medical care[2].

[1] “Colorado Date Brief Denver Region Report” 

[2] American Journal of Public Health, March 2019.

Top Right:  Courtesy of Healthcare Value Hub. 
Bottom Right:  Courtesy of the Colorado Health Institute, 2017 Colorado Health Access Survey


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