Healing & Healthy Living

Feeding Body and Soul

The JCRS understood that healing a person went beyond merely treating the body. Out of respect for the traditions of Eastern European Jewish immigrants, the institution adhered to kosher dietary laws. Additionally, a range of practical and recreational activities such as working in the bookbindery or knitting helped patients maintain a sense of normalcy and prepared them to return to life outside the sanatorium.

Top Left:  Patient menu, JCRS (Source: Beck Archives, University of Denver)
Bottom Left:  JCRS patients working in bookbindery (Source: Beck Archives, University of Denver)

Healthy Roots

The community-funded Healthy Roots Food Clinic at Children’s Hospital Colorado provides children and families with access to healthy foods, social workers, registered dietitians, and other community resources. Healthy Roots is part of a larger initiative at Children’s called Resource Connect that aims to help parents and children address challenges that may not be considered strictly medical, but which can affect health. These services include family financial advising, home improvements, legal advice, educational opportunities and help in locating affordable child care.

Top Right: Community gardens provide healthy food and recreational activities for patients. (Photo: Elias Morr on Unsplash)
Bottom Right:  Children's Hospital Colorado Logo (Courtesy of Children's Hospital Colorado)


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