Interviews with Alumnae

In addition to archival and public records research on pre-1945 alumnae, project founder Dr. Nicole Joseph envisioned oral histories with living alumnae as another important way to “write Black women into history.”  

Starting in 2015, Dr. Joseph conducted oral history interviews with Monyett Ellington (class of 1969) and Shirley Leali (class of 1962). Interviews began again in 2017, thanks to funding from the University Libraries and IRISE 2.0, when the project brought on three graduate student researchers affiliated with the Sistah Network: Patrice Greene, Elizabeth Ndika and Kahlea Hunt-Khabir, all of whose research interests connect to this topic.

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Interview with Alumnae

Dr. Nicole Joseph and Monyett Ellington, 2012

Project researchers Greene, Ndika, and Hunt-Khabir would like to extend a special thanks to the interviewees who shared their stories in 2017-2019, including Carolyn Coles-Taylor, Abigail Richards, Mayde Jackson, Alexis Walker Dunham, Claire Bagazonzya, Cerise Hunt, Nathifa Miller, Makida Yilma, Brooklyn Batey, Adriel Long, Stephanie Cross, and Nami Russom.

Many of the interviewees graduated/completed coursework between 1990 and 2018 and provide insight into the contemporary history of Black alumnae at the University of Denver. Greene, Ndika, and Hunt-Khabir presented on their research at the 43rd Annual National Council of Black Studies Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana in March 2019.

As of the end of the academic year 2019-2020, interviews are on pause until project leads have identified sustainable funding to continue to properly resource the project.

Elizabeth Ndika, Kahlea Hunt-Khabir and Patrice Greene

Researchers: Elizabeth Ndika, Kahlea Hunt-Khabir and Patrice Greene, 2019

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