"[Hanya Holm] thought deeply and could articulate original, profound ideas, yet she loved nonsense and hilarity." - dance scholar Claudia Gitelman

Marshall Brooks' close relationship with Holm (not to mention his ever-present camera) resulted in a number of photographs of Holm in personal settings with friends and colleagues. The Marshall and Carolyn Durand Brooks Photography and Dance Collection contains many of these photographs, which provide a rare glimpse into Holm's personal life.

Hanya Holm

Hanya Holm hula hoops in the Brooks' backyard, circa 1959

A tour through the collection shows Holm as an avid hiker, a cut-up (there are several photographs of Holm hula hooping with the Brooks in their backyard), and a friend to her former students (fellow German Vera Sears and Colorado Ballet's Freidann Parker and Lillian Covillo).

These photographs allow us a glimpse at this lighter side of Holm - with her hair down.

Hanya Holm

Hanya Holm, known for her tight, ever-present bun, in a rare personal moment - with her hair down