Hanya Holm’s career was notable for its constant evolution and her experimentation – the only constant was change. She believed that all choreography should evolve organically out of an understanding of the work itself and from a natural movement base. This point of view enabled her to transition seamlessly between different styles, genres, and mediums. 

Over the course of her career, Holm choreographed for the concert stage, television, Broadway musicals, movies, and opera. She was also notable for being the first to copyright a choreographic work when she submitted the Labanotation score for Kiss Me Kate to the Library of Congress.

Holm's chameleon-like quality as a choreographer ultimately benefitted the work - however, dance scholar Claudia Gitelman has asserted that Holm's focus on serving the project rather than her "brand" has led to a lack of recognition relative to the other "big four" modern dance pioneers.